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Deb Mozumder

FullStack Software Engineer

A little story about me.

I am Deb, a passionate Full stack Software Engineer. Right from an early age, I have discovered myself enjoying troubleshooting computer hardware and software issues for fun, particularly solving problems. It is fascinating to say within the last decade computer and mobile technologies have advanced so rapidly that the opportunity to express our creativity and imagination is limit less through newly evolved technologies.
Over the past several months I’ve worked on several applications, implementing industry latest of technologies, such as React, Redux, NextJs, D3(for data visualization), Graphql, CouchbaseDB, NestJs, TypeScript, Kafka, elastic search, Redis, Node, ExpressJs. I have advanced level of knowledge working with JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, and React/Redux and as well as experience working with Angular. On the backend, I have built servers and APIs using Node, Express, SQL, NoSQL databases and lately with GraphQL and couchbase database. I have worked with teams of engineers in a collaborative environment, observing the SCRUM methodology and following Git version control best practices. I have also worked on a mobile app called tendenSee, a habit tracking application built using React Native,using Redux store, MySql, Express.js and Clarifai image recognition API.
For my education, I went to Bernard M. Baruch College and pursued my bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems. I consider myself a great problem solver, innovative, creative and very much a detail oriented person. I enjoy solving challenging problems and like to be a part of an aspiring software engineering team.
Currently, I am researching and only applying to companies where my skills in computer and information system, experience, dynamic energy and sincere commitment will be fully utilized.

TechStack Currently I'm Working With?


Javascript, ES6, React/Redux, React Native, Webpack, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Material UI, Backbone


Node.js, Express, SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Mongoose, Sqlite3, Knex, AWS, Clarifai


Git, Github, SocketIO, Grunt, Gulp, Xcode, Heroku



Mobile App

tenden|see allows users to manage and track daily tasks like any other habit tracker. Unlike the other apps out there, tenden|see uses photos to increase adherence by simplifying the checking off of a daily task, making that process more rewarding, and adding an element of social proof. tenden|see was built in React-Native, React/Redux, Node / Express RESTful server, and a MySQL relational database and has been optimized for both iOS and Android.


Open Sorce

A chat messaging intercome widget for web applications to integret, the uses of this application will alleviate client-business engagment and interaction more effectively and effortlessly through real-time communications. This is an open source software which was published as npm module that you can npm install and modify to best meet your needs. The application built with Node.js, Express.js, Socket.IO, React, Webpack, CSS3, HTML5, Mysql, Moment.js

Question Queue

Web App

A web application that was build for students to submit questions to be answered during a later lecture and TownHall meetings. Questions can optionally include code snippets or tags that is geared towards technical questions. The application also features social interection so that other students can up-vote on a specific question. Authentication works with GitHub, but all users must be approved by an admin before having access to the app. This web application was Built using React, Node, and MongoDB

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